24 heures de Metz

Abrazo Tango vous propose de passer un week-end de tango à Metz du 26 au 28 octobre 2018. Pour cela, nous avons réservé un espace, la Corchade, qui sera doté d’un véritable plancher de 150m2 et totalement dédié à notre passion.

Par choix, nous avons contacté les meilleurs DJs féminines d’Europe et quatre d’entres-elles ont accepté de musicaliser l’ensemble des milongas.

Les 24h de Metz, ce seront 4 milongas de 6 heures de plaisir, partage et respect, les valeurs promues par Abrazo Tango


  • Fri 26

    Setting up

    • 21:00 – 3:00
      Milonga del viernes
      DJ Céline Devèze

  • Sat 27


    • 13:00 – 19:00
      Milonga de la tarde
      DJ Gergana Boeva
    • 21:00 – 3:00
      Milonga del sábado
      DJ Paola NociTango (Di venzia)

  • Sun 28


    • 11:00 – 12:30 : Tai Chi Tango – Budokan Metz
    • 13:00 – 19:00
      Milonga de la despedida
      DJ Marinela Vladimirova


Full pass 24h pour 2 : Friday 26 Oct (Friday-Sunday)

120,00Ajouter au panier

Ce billet pour un couple de danseurs (guideur/suiveur) donne accès aux quatre milongas ainsi qu'à la séance de taïchi. Cafés et rafrachissements sont inclus dans le pass. Du vendredi 21h au dimanche 19h, vous aurez l'opportunité de danser 24 heures (4 fois 6 heures).

4 Tango Disk Jockey

Céline Devèze

A musicalizadora with elegance, emotion and energy, her music selection is passionate and is well known and loved by dancers all over Europe. Céline aims to keep intact the energy of the ball room while privileging the emotion of the group, and intimacy of each dancer with a nuanced selection of traditional tango music from periods between the 1920’s to the late 50’s. She organises Pasionaria Milonguera (in Nice/France), she is a tango teacher and a highly sought-after DJ all over Europe. She says: ‘The most important thing is to actually feel what is happening on the dance floor, and to adapt the musical selection according to its mood.’

Gergana Boeva

What I love in DJ-ing is to share my deep passion and love for tango music with the dancers and most of all see all these happily exhausted faces in the end of the milonga. I believe that the DJ is a storyteller taking the audience through an unique story with his/her music selection. I love my stories with lots of different flavors, garnished with passion and deep emotions! And last but not least… I love the happy ends…
I’ve started DJ-ing in 2010 and since then I had the pleasure to be part and present my music selection at multiple international tango festivals and marathons.

Paola NociTango (Di venzia)

Paola NociTango, tango dancer, has lived and worked in Argentina, music lover and particularly of tango music, she is well soon become one appreciated tdj. Often present in the milongas organized by the various apulian associations, She is known for the energy that she succeeds in creating in her evenings. Careful and sensitive to the tastes and desires of the dancer with which she loves to interact and that are inspiration and essential stimulus during the milonga.

She is one of Trio NOCITANGO and one of the organizer of Encuentro Milonguero TanGOaGOGO (Verbania- Italy), Avventura Milonguera Peace & Love in Noci (Ba-Italy).

Marinela Vladimirova

At first it was music … It was ‘love from the very first note’, which continues to the present days! Driven by this undying passion I have been dancing, teaching, organizing events and DJ-ing for six years in a row…
I’m an entirely traditional tango DJ, preferring the Golden Age of Tango. In forming my style helped a lot my experience in organizing events and most of all meeting and working with many popular and preferred tango DJs from Argentina and Europe. I gained valuable experience from them as well as adopted the practice of monitoring constantly the dance floor and paying special attention to the changing energy and emotions of the dancers.


L’inscription se fait obligatoirement en couple afin de garantir la parité guideur/suiveur et ne sera confirmée qu’après encaissement par Abrazo Tango. Pour assurer une fluidité sur la piste de danse, le nombre de couple sera limité à 75.

     Full pass milonga pour deux : 2*60 = 120€ (Ce billet inclut fruits, cakes, café, thé, eau)
     Bar proposant soda, bière, vins et champagne.
     Repas sur place à chaque début de milonga.

Il est possible de payer en ligne avec votre carte bancaire ou votre compte Paypal. Les règlements par carte bancaire se font via Paypal (sans obligation de disposer ou d’ouvrir un compte paypal). C’est également Paypal qui garantit la sécurité de la transaction. Aucune information concernant votre compte ne transite par le site d’Abrazo Tango.

En cas d’inscriptions insuffisantes, Abrazo Tango se réserve le droit d’annuler l’événement.

Organize your stay

To arrive

Line 1 of LeMet buses, get in at « République » or « Gare » station get off at « Lorient » station (timetable flyers of this line (pdf)). Return by carpool (an exchange panel will be proposed in the venue).
 Free parking in front of the venue.
 Parking that can accommodate some motorhomes (without convenience, in total autonomy).

To eat

The sale of dishes will be done during the first half of each milonga.
 Pasta bar – Friday evening (9 pm- 0 am)
 Food truck – Saturday afternoon (1 pm-4pm)
 Pasta bar – Saturday evening (9 pm- 0 am)
 Food truck – Sunday afternoon (1 pm-4pm)


It is even better to say it

 we come for pleasure, with respect and to share with others
 we invite by mirada and cabeceo for the comfort of 2 dancers and a shared invitation
 we enter the dance floor in a courteous way especially in the case where it is already moving. And yes, still the mirada!
 we dance in general harmony on the dance floor; management of space and others, listening to music, respect for the way of the dance and tracks (if a collision happens, apologize discreetly without interrupting the dance). Differentiate the tracks: 1st ‘external’ corridor, 2nd ‘internal’ corridor then 3rd in the middle. Keep the same corridor from the beginning to the end of the theme. We must systematically occupy the free space in front of us.
 we adapt our dance according to whether the track is crowded or not.
 At the end of the tanda, it is more elegant to leave the dance floor together.
 the ‘cortina’ or musical curtain is the moment when the track empties to refresh and facilitate new invitations. There may of course be a mini rock or salsa series, or other style depending on the mood, and everyone is free to dance.
 we never pass on the right.
 a milonga is not a good time to give a lesson on the track.