Organize your stay

The venue

The entire center La Corchade will be dedicated to tango throughout the weekend. The main hall will be equipped with a wood floor specifically installed for the weekend.

To arrive

Line 1 of LeMet buses, get in at « République » or « Gare » station get off at « Lorient » station (timetable flyers of this line (pdf)). Return by carpool (an exchange panel will be proposed in the venue).
 Free parking in front of the venue.
 Parking that can accommodate some motorhomes (without convenience, in total autonomy).

To eat

The sale of dishes will be done during the first half of each milonga.
 Pasta bar – Friday evening (9 pm- 0 am)
 Food truck – Saturday afternoon (1 pm-4pm)
 Pasta bar – Saturday evening (9 pm- 0 am)
 Food truck – Sunday afternoon (1 pm-4pm)