It is even better to say it

 we come for pleasure, with respect and to share with others
 we invite by mirada and cabeceo for the comfort of 2 dancers and a shared invitation
 we enter the dance floor in a courteous way especially in the case where it is already moving. And yes, still the mirada!
 we dance in general harmony on the dance floor; management of space and others, listening to music, respect for the way of the dance and tracks (if a collision happens, apologize discreetly without interrupting the dance). Differentiate the tracks: 1st ‘external’ corridor, 2nd ‘internal’ corridor then 3rd in the middle. Keep the same corridor from the beginning to the end of the theme. We must systematically occupy the free space in front of us.
 we adapt our dance according to whether the track is crowded or not.
 At the end of the tanda, it is more elegant to leave the dance floor together.
 the ‘cortina’ or musical curtain is the moment when the track empties to refresh and facilitate new invitations. There may of course be a mini rock or salsa series, or other style depending on the mood, and everyone is free to dance.
 we never pass on the right.
 a milonga is not a good time to give a lesson on the track.